Friday, November 28, 2008

Rosh Hashana Card

Ok... so I'm a little early to post this one.
Seasonal Tree stamps are from Whispers/Sugarloaf stamps (one of my favorite stamp companies that no longer exists - they are sort of Inque Boutique now but the original wood mount stamps are no more).

The numbers are also by Whispers/Sugaroaf Stamps. Inks are by CTMH.


3-D Hanukkah Card #3

Another easy to make Hanukkah Card.

I used "Postage Stamp" stamp from All Night Media then I used an alphabet stamp set to stamp the letters. The Star of David is from an unknown stamp company. I used foam mount to make the stamps pop up a bit from the card.

Come join me on Flicker - Jewish Cards group

I've created a new group on for Jewish Cards called "Jewish Cards"

This is for all Jewish themed cards that are hand crafted (stamped, drawn, painted or other).

Please join me by adding your cards to the group

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Once there are new members, I'll post the flicker group here and rotate the images for everyone to see.

Every Occasion Card

This is an all-occasion card I created using the standard rainbow colors. I stamped each image 1/2 inch apart from the next and bordered it in black cardstock. I left the bottom blank since I can quickly chose any random saying (like Mazel Tov, or L'Shana Tovah) and make up a quick card to give to someone. You could even use this style for a quick Happy Birthday card.

I used Close to My Heart inks in the Spring color selection; Cranberry, Sunny Yellow, Orange, Clover Meadow, Pansy Purple and Star Spangled Blue.

I hope you enjoy! (I did realize the last purple star is a little off.. oh well.. it's handmade...)

Hanukkah Card #2

Another simple card to make. I used a stamp from Stampin Up's Right at Home set. Although my photography skills are lacking, I can assure you that in the windows are tiny hand drawn Chanukiahs that are lit.

My preference for modifying line drawn stamps like this is the Staedtler Pigment Liner 4 packs. It comes with a .3, .5, .7 and 1.0 sized pens. They are archival safe and acid free. They are also waterproof on paper which is the reason I use Stazon. I can blend and I don't get any smudged lines.

Hope you enjoy!

Happy Hanukah Card #1

This was a very simple card to make. I used

  • #90202 Dreidel by Stamps Happen and cut out the individual Dreidels stamped on colored cardstock.
  • #2210E Hapy Hanukkah by PaperSalon

Hope you enjoy!

Hanukkah Cards

It's that time of the season to make Hanukkah Cards again! I've got a list of wonderful cards listed below to spark your creativity from SplitCoast. I'll be posting mine soon - Enjoy!

mandypandy's card:

its_me_susan's cards:

Bluedragon's hand carved stamp card:

Yahpa's card:

Another of Yapha's great cards:

Kersilver's Hanukah Planner:

LynnAnne's Menorah Bella Card:

Freeindeed's great Hanukah card:

merryf's card:

WordTrix's unique star menorah card:

Vicky Gould's Hanukkah card:

I hope this is enough to get you started on your creative journey - please post and share a link to your designed Hanukah cards in the comments section. I would love to see them!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm back

It certainly has been one busy year for me - sadly not all of it very good. But I have not forgotten about this blog and hope that going forward I can post more updates to it like I want. I've also added a sister blog that i'll post more about soon as well for my Jewish Polymer Clay art.

I have a few ATC's that I am planning on uploading soon as well as a few more cards I've done. So keep a look out on new posts coming soon.

I also want to thank everyone as it seems you have been busy since our last count of 1000 users - we now have reached over 3000 users.