Monday, January 14, 2008

1000 visitors!

I just want to say thank you to all my recent visitors - we've reached 1000 hits!

I have a few updates in the works coming, so be sure to check back soon.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Lynn Anne - send me an email with you address and I'll get your package out in the next week. shayla dot anthony at gmail dot com.

Everyone else is doing it - so why not me?

I happen to have a stash of Jewish stamps that I have up for grabs during my blog candy challenge. My blog is pretty small still, and there aren't that many visitors yet. So I am going to pick a random date and comment from that date between now (December 2nd) and January 1st 2008 and that person will win my stash!

Leave a comment anywhere on this site under any post and your entered - just please make sure I have a way to reach you via the comment you have posted (if your login doesn't give me a way to reply to you).

I will give the person 15 days to claim that award if they are unreachable, and if not I will choose another winner.

  • Happy Holidays clear stamps from Studio G

  • Pomegranate from Faithmeadow stamps

  • Peace from Studio G

  • Hapy Hanukkah from D.O.T.S (JRL Designs)

  • Star of David from Candadian Maple Collection

  • Chanukia from Canadian Maple Collection

  • L'Chaim stamp from Sugar Loaf

  • Blue assorted ribbon from Making Memories

  • Gold and Silver Stickles

How I'll decide... I thought about this ahead of time (and inquiring minds now want to know) - how to be fair and select someone really random. I have a 30 sided dice that I will be using to select the date. Since I posted on Dec 2nd and there are 31 days in December - the #1 on the dice will be for December 31st posts. Once the date is selected, then I will roll again for the comment on that blog date - no comments posted, then I will select another date, and continue until I have a winner.