Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Lynn Anne - send me an email with you address and I'll get your package out in the next week. shayla dot anthony at gmail dot com.

Everyone else is doing it - so why not me?

I happen to have a stash of Jewish stamps that I have up for grabs during my blog candy challenge. My blog is pretty small still, and there aren't that many visitors yet. So I am going to pick a random date and comment from that date between now (December 2nd) and January 1st 2008 and that person will win my stash!

Leave a comment anywhere on this site under any post and your entered - just please make sure I have a way to reach you via the comment you have posted (if your login doesn't give me a way to reply to you).

I will give the person 15 days to claim that award if they are unreachable, and if not I will choose another winner.

  • Happy Holidays clear stamps from Studio G

  • Pomegranate from Faithmeadow stamps

  • Peace from Studio G

  • Hapy Hanukkah from D.O.T.S (JRL Designs)

  • Star of David from Candadian Maple Collection

  • Chanukia from Canadian Maple Collection

  • L'Chaim stamp from Sugar Loaf

  • Blue assorted ribbon from Making Memories

  • Gold and Silver Stickles

How I'll decide... I thought about this ahead of time (and inquiring minds now want to know) - how to be fair and select someone really random. I have a 30 sided dice that I will be using to select the date. Since I posted on Dec 2nd and there are 31 days in December - the #1 on the dice will be for December 31st posts. Once the date is selected, then I will roll again for the comment on that blog date - no comments posted, then I will select another date, and continue until I have a winner.


Michelle said...

Me! me! pick me!
Very generous blog candy!

Jan Scholl said...

Jewish stamps must be hard to come by as I have never seen them before. I wonder if there is Kwaanzaa and Winter Solstice stamps too? All winter celebrations deserve stamps.

Pegg S said...

Please enter me in your drawing!! This is a great assortment! You should email Allison. She compiles sites that offer blog candy, new blogs, etc

~pegg (peggstone at gmail dot com)

CAKVD said...

Oh how fun!!! I have many Jewish friends that I know would just love to get a card made with these stamps!! Thanks for the chance!
Cheryl KVD

Anonymous said...

Happy Hannukah! I always send Happy Holiday cards at Hannukah or other religious holidays to friends, but do not have any specific stamps to make them more personalized. I'd love to know what makes a great to send to someone who is Jewish. Thanks, :)

dd2njoy said...

Ooh I'm first!!! I just found your blog through Allison,your candy package is so generous!!! I'm off to subscribe and visit your blog!!
Bye for now!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I left a comment for you yesterday, but I don't see it here. I have since read your information on making Jewish cards for Hannukah. I did not know about the blue and silver, thanks for the info. Please enter me. Thanks, :) Happy Hannukah!

Yiddisha Mamma said...

Shalom and Happy Chanukkah, hanukah, chanukah, any way you spell it, lol.from Sydney Downunder from the Yiddisha Mamma. I just stumbled across your fanfairytastic giveaway stamping goodies and woohoo its sounds too good to be true. Yikes i'd soooo love to win this prize, my kinderlah's would love it. I am activelly involved in Jewish themed rubber stamping as well as doing children's Jewish themed craft work shops in the summer holidays. I love animals and i am a registered breeder of Himalayans and chinchilla's , great balls of fluff that purr all day long and schmooze and nosh and sleep. I am in sydney , aussieland and am always on the prowl to find new Jewish friends who are into stamping, cards making, scrapbooking etc,.. i have found a few wonderful friends in the USA over the last few years through the internet and am so glad i have found this yiddisha blog spot.
Best wishes, shalom and Happy Chanukkah from Esther.
or alternate email is ;

Lynn Anne said...

Love that pomagranateespecially ...but nice blog candy all around :)


Lisa PN said...

how wonderful to find a blog that isn't all about gingerbread houses and xmas decorations. phew! i would love to try to be a part of the draw. I love stamping and swapping!

anyhow, happy hannukah, and be wonderful well.

peace from Toronto

Lisa from

Kelly's Artistic Journaling said...

Cool giveaway! I was just asked a few weeks ago if I had any Jewish cards! Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

Please enter me. As a Christian who wants to incorporate more Jewish traditions into our homw this would be great.

Vianna said...

Greetings from Florida! Got here by way of Allison's blog (StampinWhenICan). I bet you'll have alot more traffic on your blog from now on - and well you should, you're talented.
I like your Hannukah cards (with windows)- very pretty! If I win, it will make my momma very happy
Thanks and warm wishes,