Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Making 5 Jewish stamps from 1

Well, technically I bought 3 stamps, but they are all the same design.

This stamp was one of the $1.00 stamps by Studio G bought from Michaels.

This is not the first stamp that I have done this to, so I'll post the rest later for ideas.

What I did is left the first original stamp untouched, and cut apart the other 2 leaving me with a total of 5 stamps (I could have 6 if I wanted the outer circle).

This allows me to freely stamp without having to mask! All for $3.00.

How's that for Jewish stamping on a budget :)


Cathy said...

WAAAAAHHHHH! Our Michael's NEVER has these stamps! It's almost impossible to find a Jewish stamp around here. Every now and again, I find a token "Happy Hannukah" (never Chanukah, heaven forbid)or a small (and very plain or very stylized, not fancy or well.... gorgeous) menorah around here. Mostly, I get my Judaic stamps on line. But your collection has me drooling.


÷-[-shayla-]-÷ said...

Thanks. It's taken quite a bit of time (and not to mention money) to get the collection I have. Consider I pay about 5.00 or more per stamp sometimes, PLUS shipping.

I'm happy to swap images out if ever needed :)

goodfruit said...

That is a way cool idea, I am all for the one thing, multiple uses idea!